Atop Systems is a comprehensive global sourcing company. We commit to decreasing your business cost by sourcing from manufacturing territories (China, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Mexico, and other countries).
For 3 years, we have offered multi-industry sourcing services to startups, medium and large businesses that are seeking quality-assured products around the world. We have helped companies establish effective sourcing strategies successfully.

Case Study 1

About the client – A medium-sized industrial manufacturing company, with an established supply chain based both in Canada and USA. They needed to look for additional manufacturing bases to enhance their manufacturing capability. They tried to source parts and sub-assemblies from other countries to cut down the cost. 

The Challenges – Lack of local knowledge,  short of logistics experience, without capacity to manage the quality control.

The Solution – Walking through onboarding suppliers, establishing quality standards, price negotiations through suppliers to the shipping, quick response time for quotation, proactively help with supplier’s production, addressing the lead time, etc.

Case Study 2